Every Day in 2014

14January 14  – Ripped from the headlines,  Head to your favorite online news source.  Pick an article with a headline that grabs you. Now, write a short story

based on the article.

  Judge denies initial approval of $760 million concussion settlement – citing that it is not enough

I try to stay calm.  I don’t want to rant as I did on my sister blog Better Than Realty:  Warning I am Going to Rant.  But seriously, how can I not?    These are choices that these men have made.   They enjoyed playing the game.   They knew week after week what they were doing to their bodies.   And now they want someone to pay for it.   We all make choices in life that are not always the best.   But can we look to someone else to pay for those choices?   Every career has its risks.

…”The issue of brain injury will haunt football…

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