Amsterdam and Beyond

What happens when you mix no sleep with three cups of coffee and two early hours of Nicki Minaj??
Dacing in the kitchenBack story: on Friday night I had to work until 1am. When Saturday morning generously followed in suit (sigh),  I started climbing the walls. Why hadn’t the weekend started yet?! It was already half way over! When I hit ‘send’ on my last e-mail ’round lunchtime, celebration was in order. Cue kitchen dance party! I got through approximately three Nicki Minaj tracks before B kicked me out of the house, embarrassed, because he had friends over. Fine, I didn’t want to play with you guys anyways!

Enter my Saturday playground, lovely de Pijp. A cozy corner of Amsterdam where I spend my early mornings, evenings, and weekends shopping, strolling, and taking in the views.

IMG_5331I live on a pedestrian-only street that is lined with shops and restaurants and bikes. It’s pretty ideal…

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