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By Brian Cullen

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The career of the average NFL player is spectacularly short. In a period of time when most of us are just hitting our career strides, a lot of football players are hanging up the cleats. Case in point – I clearly remember a time when I thought of Jerome Bettis as being “so old.” This is when he was 33. To put this in perspective, I’m 30, and I own four shirts. FOUR.

But – there’s a lot of life to live after an NFL career is over. Of course, many end up going into a broadcast booth. Others take a less traditional route. Here are our top 5 strangest post-NFL careers. Be wary, sailor – there be puns ahead.

5. Randall Cunningham Calls a Hail Mary

Affectionately known to some as “QB Eagles,” this marvelous, scrambling wonder is one of the most electric…

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