Vanessa-Jane Chapman

Lady covered in plants

Last week I posted about those occasions where we feel a bit Joey. The times when people around us are all talking about something, and we haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about. On Sunday I was reminded of one subject area where I always feel like that – gardening. Whenever I’m in my kitchen, I always listen to Radio 4. The one show where I never seem to get any wiser, however many times I listen to it, is Gardeners’ Question Time. I don’t know what anyone else hears, but when I listen to Gardeners’ Question Time, this is what I hear…

Floral border

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Hello, I’ve had a Hodgepopolous Snuffleupagus in my north facing back garden for six years. It has always produced wonderful bilobilus flowers, rather like decatunias, but this year it hasn’t flowered and the leaves seem to have a touch of the skanky spotty spots…

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