Think it. Feel it. Be it. Do it. Let nothing stop you–not the wind…the unknown or even your own two feet.


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Prayer 46: the joy of sunshine

Prayers for Stressed Women

Dear God

Thank You for a lovely weekend where we spent most of the time in the garden or on the allotment. It’s really good to be outside in late autumn in such glorious weather – so thank You very much for the chance to get involved with nature for a whole weekend. Living in the UK where rain is our default weather, that’s quite a miracle! Thank You.

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Don’t Stay Silent

Bianca Mazziotti's Blog

Do you know why I never talked as a kid?

It was because when I was young I was never told my thoughts were important

I was never praised for the words that surpassed my lips

And as a result I always sat at the back of the room

listening, silent, invisible

No one ever knew what I was thinking

Since no one ever asked I didn’t think anyone wanted to know

As a kid I was shoved into a little box of silence and was sentenced there for life

But one day I gained an ounce of courage and I broke out of that box

and I chose to be me

I chose to make people listen

Because I have something important to say

We All Do

It only takes one person to change the world

So don’t be quiet because that person could be you

That one person…

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Mind Control

Tatman's Blog

Somehow a cold that I thought I got rid of has popped back up in my system. I am pissed about it, I mean who likes having a cold? Especially me because I cannot stand sitting and having to rest. I am an active person, and resting to me feels like being on a deathbed.

But tonight I went to the gym and I am glad I did. Working out not only relieves stress for me, but I believe when you are sick it is good to sweat out the cold in the gym. I am also a huge believer in the mind controlling the sickness.

How you think can make you stay sick, or it can help you get better. I believe when you sit at home when you are not feeling well the body and mind become down. When you are lying in bed watching television trying to…

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Small Camera. Big Picture. Fuji X20.


Today I am introducing a topic that I expect over the year(s) will become a featured column here at imaginegnat.com.  I often get the question “what camera do you use while riding” or “how do you carry your camera while riding?”.   These questions come up a lot and quite honestly, the answer to those questions really depends on my plan for the day and my expected use for any images I might capture. Those two things drive what camera, or tool, I carry as well as how I carry it. Today I am going to dig into my small camera that I often carried in 2013, a Fuji X20 compact point and shoot.

Fuji courtesy of FujifilmsFuji courtesy of Fujifilms

Part of me writing this is because I recently read a post at http://www.stevehuffphoto.com about a reader who loved his Fuji X20. It made me look back to see just what I…

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Yeah, I’m Alive

The Curious Adventures of Dr. Furious

I’ve been terribly amiss in updating my blog, but there’s a reason.

The short answer is that I haven’t done much worth reporting.

The long version is that this winter has been painfully hard on me.  I fell into a serious funk and it’s been hard breaking away from it.  I’ve come back here a few times, but I haven’t done anything adventurous in the kitchen in quite some time, so there was nothing to tout.

But that’s about to change.

Last year, you may recall that I spent a collection of Sundays preparing meals from vintage cookbooks.  I’m strongly considering doing that again because . . . well, just because.  My problem last year was that I wanted to make everything look like it was period exact – I can’t count the number of vintage dishes and accessories I purchased just for the photos I took, or just

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